Shhh…Don’t Tell the Neighbors..

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This past Sunday we took a little ride down to the local Tractor Supply to pick up a new compost bin and we found these little Bantam chicks.

We have been thinking of getting a few chickens to keep in the back yard for a while. Bantam is the perfect breed for our suburban yard. They grow to only 1/5 the size of a regular chicken and are really more for pets than for eggs and are definitely not for meat. But, it would be nice to get a few eggs. Chickens are a natural pest control and even their poop helps to fertilize the yard. They are also fun to watch!

We decided we couldn’t leave the store without them. To heck with the homeowner’s association!  But shhh…they don’t really need to know.

They really are cute, and fun to watch.

So now we are on the hunt for a coop to keep them in. Buying a prefabricated one looks like it might cost more than we want to spend so I’ve been looking at free building plans. They will be staying inside until they get all their feathers in. I sure am hoping they are all girls. I don’t think our neighbors would appreciate a rooster crowing.  Hopefully the neighbors won’t really notice, I am pretty sure they aren’t really allowed in our neighborhood. Rebels, I know.

This is our set up, for now. (And my messy kitchen)

I woke up like a million in one times last night worried that the heat lamp would melt the plastic bin, drop in the pine bedding and catch fire. I will be looking for a bigger bin today.

More on our chicks and progress of our coop coming soon.


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  • Kristi says:

    I can’t remember if you guys have one, but I recently saw an article where someone wrapped chicken wire around the bottom of their trampoline and kept the chickens in there! They move it around the yard periodically, to give the chickens new places to be, and it hides them from the neighbors! (Seems fairly cheap to me, too.) Miss you!

  • admin says:

    That is genius!! I wish I had thought of something like that!! (We got rid of the trampoline because we could never find sides to it, and I was afraid of a child getting hurt.) We miss you too!!

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