Green Smoothies

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This past weekend we found some beautiful organic kale at the farmer’s market and I bought a lot. I mean a whole lot. I knew I would need a lot to do some experimenting. I am not a fan of dark leafy greens but they are so good for you that I had to find some ways to incorporate them into our diet.  I made some yummy kale chips. Then I thought maybe I could disguise the “earthy, grassy” taste in a smoothie.  I found a few internet recipes and yuck…so I started tweaking. This recipe is full of kale and a beautiful green but you can’t really taste it! I have to warn that you can smell a little bit of a grassy smell but you can’t taste it in the slightest. weird.

I am making this for 7 people so if you are making it for less, you will want to scale way back. If you omit the ice you can put leftovers in the fridge to save for later and add a little ice when you are ready to drink it. Because we drink smoothies most every morning, I do this for my late sleeping kid. The one who doesn’t like kale at all *teehee..

Kid Friendly Green Smoothies

1/2 a bunch of kale – stems and all. ( although I think if you take the thicker woodier bits off it tastes better)

1 cup of apple juice













I go ahead and blend it up a little to make room for the other good stuff now.










2 medium bananas

1 pear

a couple of handfuls of green grapes

1/4 of a whole fresh pineapple

1 cup of frozen peaches

1/4 cup coconut – fresh or unsweetened flakes

1-2 cups of ice

Blend again for at least 1 minute, you want to get all the coconut pieces pulverized.





















Take a little taste, if it still tastes a little “green” add a little more banana.



Juliana thinks they are great.

Even my most picky eater loves the green smoothies.

She drank the whole cup and went on to a second one! But she wasn’t about to touch those green beans!!



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